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Amongst other things, the collective Rose family golf wisdom will pass on key lessons on all the essential parts of the game, in just the first seven weeks covering these key components to playing and enjoying golf:-
Lesson 1: Equipment
Lesson 2: The Mental Game Of Golf
Lesson 3: Driving The Ball
Lesson 4: Fairway Shots
Lesson 5: Chipping
Lesson 6: Putting
Lesson 7: Common Problems With A Swing
Other topics to be addressed in over a year’s worth of free golf advice include:-
  • Retrain Your Mental Approach to the Game
  • Golf Training for Success
  • Getting Out of Trouble
  • Even Tiger Woods Gets Advice
  • Constant Small Improvements for Long-term Success
  • Consistency is the Key
  • Accuracy First and Distance Will Follow
  • A Few Putting Tips
  • A Balanced Approach
  • Your Own Personal Golf Pro at Every Game
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